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October 1, 2005


Fall Color in the Colorado Rockies


I spent the last week of September in Rocky Mountain National Park and was able to witness fall in the Rockies for the first time. When I arrived, I was struck by the vibrant aspen gold that was already splashed across many mountainsides. I was worried that I had missed the peak color, but in reality the views got better each and every day that I was in the park.


Below you will see some of the images that I gathered from both the west and east sides of the park. The colors did appear just as vivid in real life, although colorful aspens are not found at every turn. In reality it took diligence, hiking, repeat visits, and many photographs to create this collection.


As day length decreases and the non-chlorophyll pigments begin to dominate plant leaves, many of us across the United States are treated to tremendous (if sometimes brief) displays of memorable colors. Do not think that you have to travel across the country to see beautiful autumn scenes. If aspens do not grace your landscape, instead look for the colorful oaks of the upper midwest, cottonwoods and sumac of the plains, maples of the east, or a variety of other species. Get out there and enjoy the show!!













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