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January 18, 2005


Unusual Birds: The following are a few photographs of recent birds that I have observed in Kansas. These are not typical Kansas birds...but that is what makes finding them even more fun!


Varied Thrush - Pott. county, KS (1/18/2005)

This is a West coast bird typical found from central California north into British Columbia.


Varied Thrush (1/18/2005)


Glaucous Gull - Tuttle Creek Outlet Tubes - Riley county, KS (1/16/2005)

This is a coastal bird typically found in the northern reaches of both

the East and West coasts of North America (Canada and Alaska).


Pine Warbler - Wichita, KS (12/29/2004)

This bird is common in the southeastern United States year-round. During the

summer it also lives up north from Minnesota to Maine.


May the Great Birding Continue!!!


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