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January 16, 2006


Everglades National Park


Since the last spotlight I've moved south over 600-hundred miles to a new national park. This time of year is the beginning of peak season in Everglades National Park. The birds are active (many are nesting) and water levels are dropping, which serves to concentrate many wildlife species. Most of these images were taken during a morning and evening on Anhinga Trail, but a few were taken during a hike along Long Pine Key Trail. Enjoy!




Great Egret


Double-crested Cormorant with a fish


Wood Stork - Endangered Species


Danger around the Cormorant/Anhinga Rookery




Largeflower Rosegentian


Great-blue Heron making some noise before bedtime


Anhinga Trail


Wood Stork


Sunset at Royal Palm


White Ibis arriving at their nightly roost


Pine Warbler


Great-blue Heron


Love-crazed Anhinga



   Images Judd Patterson