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Dry Tortugas National Park: April 22-27, 2008


I had a wonderful return trip to a unique national treasure...


A Brown Noddy against a backdrop of beautiful water


Fort Jefferson greets the dawn


in the final minutes of daylight, the sun melts and spills its light into the ocean


male Blackpoll Warbler


Stalagmite-like formations from rainwater slowly seeping through the fort roof


A close-up of a male Magnificent Frigatebird with his gular sac (for display) inflated; notice the iridescent feathers that are typically not easy to see on this species


Twilight at the fort


Snorkeling anyone? This is part of the view from the Loggerhead lighthouse.


between two bastions in golden light


welcome to Loggerhead Key


Magnolia Warbler at the fountain inside the parade grounds of Fort Jefferson


seagrass surrounding Fort Jefferson - right along the seawall there are a variety of corals as well


a silent cannon...with a view


Broad-winged Hawk watching warblers drink from the fountain


It's a real treat to see the Sooty Terns nesting on Bush Key; especially when you know that these birds are known to their ability to aloft for years at a time.


Dr. Samuel Mudd's cell


a female Magnificent Frigatebird (7 ft wing span; 3 lbs in weight)


Sooty Terns stretch their wings and take flight at dawn


Cattle Egret stalks the parade grounds of Fort Jefferson for both insects and small birds


A Masked Booby pair from the only breeding colony in the contiguous U.S.


Parade grounds and harbor light; Fort Jefferson


A Magnificent Frigatebird sitting on her nest


A long exposure before dawn.

On the left side of this image you can see some of the results of recent restorations to the fort.

Bricks that were previously crumbling into the moat have been repaired or replaced.


my temporary home on the island


Note: Several of these images were taken on keys that are typically off limits.

I was fortunate to be working with a group of researchers and took precautions

to ensure that my actions did not harm the birds.


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