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April 13, 2004


6:16AM - In a flurry of wings, Greater Prairie Chicken males quickly arrive on the lek and begin to boom.

8:35AM - The show is over for the day and the males fly off to rest and feed in preparation for tomorrow morning. What a wonderful show it was!

If you live in the Great Plains and you have never heard and seen booming Greater Prairie Chickens on their lek, you are missing out on an amazing experience. I urge you to talk to an experienced birder and discover how you might be able to make such a trip. Here are a few of the photographs from my first ever visit to a prairie chicken lek (Konza Prairie).



male Greater Prairie Chicken


male displaying




male displaying


This particular lek site on Konza is part of a research project, and so the lek has been divided into a grid. These grid markers seem to be popular "perches" for some of the males. You can also see the bands that have been placed on the birds.




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