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Dry Tortugas National Park: April 8-12, 2009



Once again I had an amazing spring journey to Dry Tortugas National Park. Bird migration was fairly slow compared to years past, but I always find subjects to photograph in the tortugas! Enjoy!!


The dock at Loggerhead Key


The full moon rises over Bush Key


female Magnificent Frigatebird hovering over her nest


Loggerhead Lighthouse


Magnificent Frigatebird chick


The Edge


Magnificent Frigatebird male displaying


Fort Jefferson at dusk


Sooty Terns are known for not returning to land for years at a time,

so it's unique to photograph one of these guys with an island for a background!


Dawn tiptoes in with a palette of pastels set against the Fort Jefferson harbor light


Life and Death: Merlin devours a Pectoral Sandpiper


Caught at the perfect moment, Loggerhead Lighthouse stands before the sunset


Prothonotary Warbler


the elegant plumage of the Brown Noddy


Fort Jefferson, a truly unique and wonderful spot


Magnificent Frigatebird (female)


Buttonwoods frame the Fort Jefferson Harbor Light


A bird of the wide open prairies of North and South America, the Upland Sandpiper

seems a bit out of place on a subtropical island! I hope he made it to Kansas or wherever he was headed...



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