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Artistís Statement
My roots in photography reach back to a Kodak 110 film camera that I used in grade school. While my equipment has evolved over time, the underlying mission has remained: to observe, preserve, and share glimpses of our spectacular natural surroundings.

I was fortunate to grow up in the Kansas where I learned to love wide open spaces. The often subtle beauty and seasonal changes of the prairie provided me with endless photography opportunities and allowed me to develop a strong appreciation for natureís soul-healing grandeur. My deepest peace comes when I'm immersed in nature...whether that is walking through waist-high prairie grasses, wading in tanin-stained swamps, or scrambling over treeline in the mountains.

My journeys have introduced me to a diverse and complex world, and triggered a quest to understand and protect unique ecosystems and their inhabitants. I strive to capture compelling images as a way to share natureís beauty with others. May there always be natural scenery and wildlife with the power to take our breath away.

Nome, Alaska - June 2012


Judd Patterson was born in Kansas and began to seriously develop his interest in nature photography while in high school. Judd attended Kansas State University where he completed a Bachelorís in Biology and a Masterís in Geography. He continues to pursue nature photography to promote environmental education/conservation and for the sheer joy of being outside. Juddís photography has been used for a variety of regional and national publications, education centers, and birding guides. He has exhibited in Kansas, Florida, and Washington D.C. and remains highly motivated to capture images of emperiled species and habitats in order to play a role in ensuring their future.


   Judd Patterson